11/09                     My husband retired and we needed to move to a one-level home. We needed to sell our townhouse at that time. Because of the market, we felt it would be impossible because we owed more on the property than it was worth. The sale became more urgent when my husband got some serious health issues. Bryan worked with us in a professional, yet compassionate manner. We had a temporary tenant who did not always cooperate. However, Bryan still managed to get a buyer, negotiated a full release short sale with our lender, and everything went smoothly. 

Thanks Bryan & Co.  

CH – Thornton 

10/09                     I was in the middle of going through a divorce and referred to Brian Dais by someone who was in the similar circumstances as I. Brian met with me instantly and sympathetically he walked me through a short sale and made the transition very pleasant he stuck it out even when I thought there was no end!! Thank you Bryan!! 

Alexandra M. – Arvada 

9/09                        “Bryan’s knowledge of short-sales and his persistance proved invaluable.  I’ve heard horror stories from others involved in short-sales. I am certain that without Bryan my house would not have sold.   I would recommend Bryan to everyone.” 

Jean B. – Westminster 

3/09                       My husband at the time and I, fell into financial trouble.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to pay the mortgage. Our family realtor introduced us to a realtor by the name of Bryan Dais (aka our wingless angel). Bryan advised that he could keep us from going into foreclosure by helping us complete a short-sell.  Immediately, I arranged to meet with our wingless angel in person. As a result of working with Bryan (aka our wingless angel) we were able to preserve our credit, short-sell our home, and rid ourselves of the relentless, ugly, sickening collection calls (believe you me, they were really ugly calls). I have referred Bryan to a myriad of family and friends. 

If you choose someone other than Bryan Dais to assist you with a short-sell…YOU ARE MAKING A GRAVE MISTAKE. 

Naiom Britt – Aurora 

8/08                       I would recommend Bryan Dais to anyone who wanted the best advice on selling their home.  Bryan is professional, and thorough, he takes care of business.  In the selling of our home, I had no worries and if there was a concern, Bryan would get back to me quickly with a response.  I appreciated working with a true professional that takes care of everything from start to finish. 

Donna Glover – Denver 

8/07                       What I appreciated so much about working with you is that you explained all the details about what I was getting into before I made the decision to short sell my home. Once I did decide to do that, you then took over all the details. The process of short selling a home is not exactly easy. You helped me write letters to the bank, you encouraged me when I was nervous about not paying my mortgage. You were there to answer questions and were patient when I asked the same question more than once! 

You helped me by making suggestions about how to make my home interesting to prospective buyers. I always felt that you were there to get the job done and I never felt that you were too busy. I trusted that you knew what you were doing and you did!  

Thank you so much, 

Prairie Adams – Thornton 

4/07                       After my husband died I came to a conclusion I needed to do something as fast as possible.  The indebtedness and expenses far outweighed the advantages of keeping the home on my income. Upon checking into the possibility of selling my home I learned that I owed more than my house was worth, which would require my lenders agreement to a short sale. Contact was made with Bryan L. Dais and as a result of his commitment, staying focused, and his positive communication with me, the home soon became the residence of a new owner. I am very thankful for Bryan Dais’ timely, compassionate, professional help during that very grievous and stressful time of my life. There are few in this world like Mr. Dais who offer clients such compassionate service. 

BGF of Lakewood CO. 

8/06                       Bryan came to our aid when we thought we had exhausted all of our options and were destined to join the foreclosure ranks.  Bryan really came through for us by extending the deadline for the foreclosure and finalizing the details on a short-sale after we moved across the country for a new job.  It made the move much easier knowing that Bryan was on the job. 

Michael Conditt, Thornton 

2/06                       We will always be so grateful for all of your help in selling our home! We were in an incredibly stressful time and you calmly talked us through every step. I appreciated your availability, your prompt return of calls, and your honesty in answering my questions. What a blessing that the mortgage company even gave us a few hundred dollars at closing! Thank you again!
— Wendy Eckard – Littleton 

11/04                     “On the verge of foreclosing on our home, my wife and I sought the assistance of Real Estate Broker, Bryan L. Dais. He educated us on the process of a Short Sale and then helped us through it. A Short Sale got us out of the burden of the mortgage that we could no longer afford and it kept us from having a foreclosure on our credit history. During this difficult time in our lives, Bryan was not only professional and informative, he was also very encouraging. I would recommend to anyone that finds themselves in a foreclosure situation to talk to Real Estate Broker, Bryan L. Dais.” 

Michael – Graphic Designer, Westminster


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