Uncle Sam May Pay You to Sell Your House!

25 Jan

Find Out How the Government’s HAFA Program Could Put Thousands of Dollars In Your Pocket to Eliminate Your Mortgage Debt!

When it comes down to it most struggling homeowners cannot qualify for or complete the HAMP mortgage modification. A more popular option offered under the government instituted Making Home Affordable Program is the HAFA short sale designed to help distressed homeowners avoid the catastrophic ramifications of Foreclosure. Under the same HAMP umbrella, the HAFA (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives) program provides struggling homeowners with a number of benefits that help them escape an unmanageable mortgage and move forward with their lives. This government-sponsored initiative is overseen by the U.S. Treasury Department and administered by Fannie Mae.

Some of the most important benefits to the homeowner are guaranteed forgiveness of debt with no further threat of collection on the deficiency balance left after the property is sold, and $3,000 to the homeowner at the closing table for relocation assistance.

Under HAFA the government has also created uniform guidelines and timeframes for lenders, making the short sale process easier and more efficient. This gives the Short Sale Specialist Realtor a much better chance of finding a buyer willing to stick with the short sale approval process and close successfully.

To learn more about the benefits of this program and see if you can qualify order my free report called “Struggling to Make Your Mortgage? Uncle Sam May Pay You to Sell Your House!”



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