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Be Prepared: Crucial Updates to Bank of America’s Short Sale Process Coming April 13

On April 2, Bank of America announced the latest round of changes to their short sale process. The changes, aimed at streamlining and expediting the process, include new requirements for initiating a short sale and changes to Equator.

Beginning April 13, 2012, Bank of America will require the following five forms to be submitted to initiate a short sale:

  1. Bank of America Third-Party Authorization Form
  2. IRS Form 4506-T – Request for Transcript of Tax Return
  3. 60-day Estimated HUD-1 (or HUD-1 with closing date if shorter than 60 days)
  4. Signed Purchase Contract including Buyers Acknowledgement and Disclosure
  5. Bank of America Short Sale Purchase Contract Addendum

If you currently have a short sale file with Bank of America, you will need to complete any outstanding tasks in Equator before April 13. Look for the tasks titled “Submit Short Sale Offer,” “Upload Offer Documents,” and/or “Upload Supporting Documents.”

If these tasks are not complete by April 13, you may be required to re-upload all documents to match the new system (that means five new documents, even if you were only missing one). Your file may also be declined, depending on your open tasks time compared to average timelines.

In addition to these new requirements, Equator will change to allow tasks (after short sale is initiated) to happen simultaneously, rather than sequentially.

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